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Schedule for Friday, November 30th, 2018

Slot 1Random Slot
We typically show the first episode or two of a random series at the beginning of the evening, to ensure that latecomers don’t miss a critical episode from one of our long-running series, and also to showcase other titles that might make their way into the lineup in the future. Suggestions are always welcome!
Slot 2Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 #12
Original release: 1998–1999
We showed the original Bubblegum Crisis series last year, during its 30th anniversary. Now we’ll watch the 1990s remake for its 20th anniversary! This version is longer and Nene doesn’t have pink hair, sorry.
Slot 3Initial D Second Stage #12
Original release: 1999
Takumi has evolved, pokémon-like, learning new (racing) moves and presumably increasing his HP and PP! But can he defeat the new challengers who arise in the wake of his epic takedown of the top street racer last semester?! (Odds are yes, because I mean he’s the main character and all, but still.) [Initial D preview voice] Donnn miss it!!
Slot 4Initial D Second Stage #13 (of 13)
Original release: 1999
The final episode of Second Stage!!! Who will win the race?! (I’m just guessing there’s a race at the end; I’m writing these summaries ahead of time. Safe bet, though, I think.)
Break(TBA) — Restart around 9:50 PM
Slot 5Cowboy Bebop #12
Original release: 1998
You guys have been requesting this basically every semester forever, so for its 20th Anniversary, we’re finally showing it! (We showed it about 20 years ago when it was new, but I suppose it’s about time to show it again.) If you have somehow never heard of this series, well, it’s famous for a reason, and you should definitely check it out!
Slot 6Slayers #12
Original release: 1995
The famous fantasy/comedy series considered by many to be a defining title of the 1990s. Based on a series of novels that are still being published today (there are over two dozen of them at this point).
Slot 7Servant × Service #12
Original release: 2013
The misadventures of an office of civil servants in a (fictional) city in Hokkaido. Presumably not the same city as the Hokkaido-based school in Silver Spoon, but feel free to create crossover fanfiction/art anyway!
Slot 8Servant × Service #13 (of 13)
Original release: 2013
The final episode!
Slot 9Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) #11 (of 11)
Original release: 2009
The final episode of this one, too!
About the breakLive-action break titles are subtitled unless otherwise noted. Other break materials may vary.
Time and PlaceScheduled to begin at 7:00 PM in PAI 4.42