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Schedule for Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Slot 1Sengoku Basara II #9
Original release: 2010
In an impressively anachronistic take on the Sengoku Period of feudal Japan, warring clans and their colorful generals form an alliance to defeat Oda Nobunaga, the “devil king.” We watched the first season of this last summer.
Slot 2Sengoku Basara II #10
Original release: 2010
We’re doubling up on episodes so that we’ll fit everything into the relatively short summer semester.
Slot 3The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA #9: From Here to Eternity (part 1 of 2)
Original release: 1996
A series of OVAs released over a period of two years after the conclusion of the TV series (which we showed last semester). The episodes take place variously during and/or after the main TV series continuity. Some are mini-story arcs, others are standalone stories. All are irresponsibly Tylor. Note: Approx. 45 minutes long.
Slot 4The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA #10: From Here to Eternity (part 2 of 2; final OVA)
Original release: 1996
Conclusion of this OVA arc, and of the entire 1994–1996 Tylor OVA series. We hope you enjoyed it! Note: Approx. 50 minutes long.
BreakAnimelo Summer 2014 — Restart around 9:50 PM
Slot 5Arakawa Under the Bridge × Bridge #7
Original release: 2010
Kou Ichinomiya’s father has always taught him one rule: Never be indebted to another person. When Kou falls into the Arakawa River by accident and is saved by a homeless girl named Nino, he is unable to accept that he is in her debt, so promises to be her boyfriend. Thus begins Kou’s life living under a bridge with a bunch of weirdos. This is the second season (or the second half of one long season, depending on whom you ask); we watched the first part of it last summer. (If you missed it, you can catch up by travelling back in time and watching it with us then.)
Slot 6Arakawa Under the Bridge × Bridge #8
Original release: 2010
As with everything else in the summer, we’re watching two episodes of it, so it will all fit in the short semester.
Slot 7Yurikuma Arashi #9
Original release: 2015
The Internet tells me that this revolves around cute schoolgirls and killer bears. Sure, why not!
About the breakLive-action break titles are subtitled unless otherwise noted. Other break materials may vary.
Time and PlaceScheduled to begin at 7:00 PM in PAI 4.42
NoteWe ran out of time, so one of the Yurikuma Arashi episodes got bumped to next week.