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Schedule for Friday, May 4th, 2018

Slot 1Initial D (First Stage) #25
Original release: 1998
Finally, the showdown between the Panda Trueno and Akagi’s White Comet! You knew the season had to lead to this!
Slot 2Initial D (First Stage) #26 (end of first season)
Original release: 1998
Takumi and Ryousuke unleash their full power! Who will win?! Will they both careen off the side of the mountain, their reckless ways finally catching up to them?! Will it end in a cliffhanger until Season 2 next fall?! (Preview voice) DONNNN’T MISS IT!!
BreakThere will be pizza! — Restart around 8:45 PM
Slot 3Super Movie Night: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Original release: 2010
Man, this movie is like three hours long, almost. That’s basically seven episodes’ worth of Haruhi all in one nonstop rush! Except the title mentions “disappearance,” so maybe Haruhi isn’t even involved? I don’t know, I haven’t seen it (or read the novel, as I was advised not to read it until after watching the movie)! Anyway, this is, so far as I know, the final animated Haruhi-thing in existence, at least so far. Let’s watch it together as we conclude this semester!
About the breakLive-action break titles are subtitled unless otherwise noted. Other break materials may vary.
Time and PlaceScheduled to begin at 7:00 PM in PAI 4.42