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Anime Club Archives and Extra Goodies

Past Semesters’ Schedules

Below are links to all of the semesters for which we have online schedules available. Please note that some schedules, particularly older ones, might be inaccurate or incomplete. Schedules in the early days were distributed only via photocopied flyers; we’re working on collecting these and manually entering them here.

You can also search all of the old schedules in the database for a specific title to find out when it was shown.

Pamphlets, Handouts, and Other Goodies

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Old News Postings

Below are links to old news articles from the present back through 1998 or so (the earliest era in which electronic records were kept; before that, we had to send messengers by horse or on foot, and they often perished in the wilderness).

Because the records have been stored in many formats and maintained by many different people over the years, some periods have more complete and/or more accurate records than others; furthermore, links in any of these articles might point to different pages than intended or be entirely broken by now. Click things at your own risk!

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The Rules of Anime Club

Like other great historical and cultural institutions, Anime Club has a set of rules, handed down from ancient times, governing social mores, codifying taboos, and passing on wisdom from the past. We go over these at the beginning of each year, but you can review them here at any time!

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