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About the Anime Club

About the Anime Club

The Anime Club is a registered student organization at The University of Texas at Austin. Since 1987, we’ve been providing fans of Japanese animation (anime) a place to meet, socialize, exchange information, and of course watch a wide range of anime, from classic titles to the latest new series.

We hold regular showings—open to all UT students, faculty, and staff—of selected anime titles. Note that unless otherwise indicated in a schedule listing, all the things that we show are in Japanese audio with English subtitles.

We strive to encompass a wide variety of genres and themes in our lineup. Slapstick comedy, dark social satire, a gritty treatise on the costs of war, and existential ramblings on the nature of self might all share space in a single night’s lineup. Depending on your tastes, some titles might be more to your liking than others. While we hope that you’ll at least sample all of the titles that we offer, it’s perfectly acceptable to take a break out in the hall during shows that don’t interest you. We also provide a Suggestion Cube, into which you can place anonymous requests for future titles (or feedback on current/past titles), to help have a hand in shaping upcoming schedules.

Please be aware that while our showings are, for the most part, “family friendly,” we are a university-age student group, and some titles might include themes or imagery that might be more “R” than “PG,” and might explore viewpoints or practices that differ from mainstream. If you ever have any questions about any of the shows, or think you might need help deciding whether a show is likely to be to your taste, please feel free to ask an Officer (or another friendly member) before the meeting or during the Break. You can also contact us beforehand if you have any questions or concerns.

Officers and Staff

Molly Black
Molly Black
HP: 1,025  MP: 3,830
Joey Bess
Joey Bess
HP: 1,830  MP: 790
Skylore Evans
Skylore Evans
HP: 570  MP: 310
The Cube
The Cube
HP: 9,999  MP: 9,999
EQUIP: ?????

Additional Resources

In addition to our regular anime showings (which are open to anyone at UT, members and non-members alike), registered members of the Club also have access to a large lending library of over 1,200 DVDs and Blu-Rays that can be checked out for home viewing.

We also have a email list that you can join. Weekly schedules and periodic news updates are typically mailed to the list as well as being posted online here.

Our main events are our regular weekly meetings and anime screenings. Our members occasionally organize informal outside get-togethers, such as group trips to an Austin-area theater screening of a new movie (though no official Club functions take place outside of our regular, on-campus meetings). In terms of official Club meetings, we avoid scheduling anything outside of our traditional Friday evening timeslot (to keep your schedule as well as ours easier to manage!). We do hold several special event nights each year—movie nights, Halloween costume party, Anime Club’s Birthday Celebration, and more—but these always take place at our regular Friday meeting for the given week.

Many members of the Club are also members of other Japanese or Asian language or cultural groups or societies on or around campus. If you’re interested in learning more, or are a member of another group that you think Anime Club members might be interested in, feel free to bring it up at one of our meetings!

Outside of UT, many members regularly attend various anime conventions in the region (of which there are several). For some of the most prominent and/or local events (such as A-Kon in Dallas during the summer, or Ushicon here in Austin during the spring), we generally will forego holding an Anime Club meeting for a week if it would force a scheduling conflict with the convention. Any such exceptions will be noted in the schedule listing for a given semester, so you can plan accordingly.

How to Contact Us

For general questions or comments, you can email us at We also have special-purpose addresses for more specific queries; see the contact information page for more details.